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Hole Punch Art & Connie M. Campbell from Hendersonville, Tennessee

My Time Art based in Hendersonville, Tennessee, offers hole punch art and other original artwork by artist Connie M. Campbell. With a medium that is not seen elsewhere, Connie creates a wide range of prints, including acrylics and dot art. With her unique hole punch art, Connie uses an original technique to create stunning pieces of art. Included with her original medium are many Inspirational creations of her photography used as a back-drop for inspiring sayings from her heart. These photographic inspirations can be viewed in "New Listings 2". Thank you so much for your visit.

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Talons, Connie Campbell in Hendersonville, TN

About Connie M. Campbell
I was born into the world of art. I have never been taught. I work simply with my God given talent.
I have belonged to the Denver Art Club and have found that my unique style of artwork is not found elsewhere and so I have continued to provide my work to the world.

My husband was a jockey and I trained Thoroughbred racehorses. We lived in an 8-window school bus and after having children, I needed some time for myself and a hobby. I began my artwork in the 70s and have been doing this ever since.

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